All The Little Details Of Billie Eilish’s Signature “No Make-Up” Make-Up


mperceptible make-up is Billie Eilish’s thing. Just take a look at her internet-breaking cover shoot for British Vogue’s June issue. Her make-up artist Robert Rumsey (who created the looks seen in the story) shares exactly how he does it – with a little help from Eilish herself, of course.

On their creative process

“We’ve worked together for a little over three years,” says Rumsey of the pair’s working relationship. “As far as a process goes, it’s very low-key. We like to do flawless skin, moisturised lips, brushed-up brows and separated lashes. A little glow and some dimension.”

How to get that Billie Eilish glow

Revealing that the pair always start with Eilish’s skin, Rumsey says he is “fortunate” that she looks after her complexion. Luminous skin, he says, comes from using “multiple moisturisers, which is kind of my thing. I like mixing a few different moisturisers and oils to get the perfect level of glow, without looking greasy.”

Billie’s base

ow to make glowy skin even more luminous? “In terms of make-up, I keep it light-handed and layered. I love using products on the sheer side,” he tells British Vogue. Opting for formulas that create a “skin-like” finish, he is a fan of Gucci’s Natural Finish Fluid Foundation, as well as Westman Atelier’s Face Trace Cream Contour Stick (in shade Biscuit), to lightly sculpt the face. For extra highlight? “I love Luma Beauty On The Glow Highlighter”, he adds.

The undetectable mascara

While some like their lashes clumpy, Eilish is a fan of an ultra-natural look, so Rumsey is all about “getting the mascara brush down to the root”, to define the lash line without making it look too fluttery. That is if it’s actually him doing it. “Billie actually likes to do her own mascara,” he shares.

A brushed-up brow

Billie is blessed with beautifully full, feathery brows already, which means Rumsey doesn’t have to do much to them. “I just brush them up and use clear brow gel,” he says. “We don’t ever tweeze or fill them in.”

And the lip?

With just the right amount of sheen on her nude lips, Eilish highlights how best to wear lipstick and gloss right now – au naturel. To create the lip look in the shoot, Rumsey mixed Hourglass’s No 28 Lip Treatment Oil with a little of the Velvet Story Lip Cream in Hint.


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