‘I see skincare campaigns that are using makeup, and it makes me mad’: Huda Kattan on why the beauty industry needs to change its toxic unrealistic standards

“If we don’t start speaking up then we are selling 100% lies and that’s bullshit.”

Huda Kattan, Founder and Chairman of Huda Beauty has made an emotional and feminist call to arms to the beauty industry in time for International women’s day on her YouTube channel, asking them to join her in effecting change regarding the toxicity of unrealistic beauty standards that have been imposed on women both the industry and society as a whole.

She is personally committing to not using filters on any of her @hudabeauty Instagram account that has 48 million followers, in order to give an example of transparency and agrees with the  new ruling that brands should have to disclose any filters that are used on their ads. “I would go further” she says. “I see skincare campaigns that are using makeup, and it makes me mad, there should be a disclaimer on all social media platforms, including Snapchat – they should be asking, Has this photo been altered? And there should be a box to tick if it has been. Likewise with surgery, if an influencer has had Botox or filler and is advertising skin care or makeup, this should be stated.”

Huda herself has always been open about having Botox and fillers, but feels there should be a more official way of measuring this when advertising beauty, to ensure that customers aren’t buying into unrealistic and unachievable aesthetics via a product.

Huda tells GLAMOUR exclusively that this plea comes after a lifetime of feeling “frustrated and mad for a long time” she has spoken out in the hope of “sparking some change. She acknowledges she has been “part of the problem”, having joined the army of other influencers and beauty lovers who regularly photoshopped her images. “I felt for a while that I’ve been photoshopping my images too much. I tried to address this in 2018 when I posted an image and GIF showing me before and after photoshopping. It didn’t land well though. I got a lot of negative comments criticising me for not looking perfect. There was no ‘You go girl’ It was like, ‘Ew’”. Now, she’s going for it again.

Does she think #Metoo has changed the way we now think of ourselves as women and view others and therefore people will be more receptive to this messaging? “Yes, there was a shift around #MeToo. Before it was just us little people not really feeling we could stand up to what we knew was wrong. And social media has fueled a lot of fires on so many levels social media has negatives but this has been a blessing.”

For her personally, the shift came around the launch of her skincare brand, Wishful, “I realised I had to walk the walk” and there needs to be a realness in the beauty industry.” She was photographed with no makeup on for the campaign launch “I had to push through it, feeling vulnerable, but I’ve never been the same since.” She has, she says “always battled with feeling ugly, from a young age. A combination of criticism from her extended family for being “too dark” on the one side and being the only family of Middle Eastern Arabic descent background in her home town in Tennessee. “I felt unaccepted on every front. I felt worthless. Beauty was something I really wanted to make me feel different.”

Once her business started taking off and she had investors, she thought she would finally feel accepted by her family, by society “But then I had to think, why am I looking externally for validation?’

There is, she now acknowledges, both a power in wearing makeup but also a toxicity that needs to be addressed. “Makeup makes you feel great, But it’s also covering who you are. It’s an armour.”

Her second biggest issue is that the industry is being driven by profit rather than what is right and true when it comes to women’s self worth “I don’t think enough about money. Some of my products lose money but if I love them I won’t drop them. I interview a lot of marketing people and when I ask, what’s your product development strategy been in other companies? I’m shocked to hear them say, “Firstly we identify how much money we want to make, and then figure out which product will make us that money.” Something’s wrong here. Instead, people should be thinking about what do women actually want, first, not money first?.”

Ultimately, she concludes, change has to happen. “This narrative has to stop now. We need to democratise beauty. We need for everyone to own their own standard of beauty. We have to all be held accountable and be authentic. I’m a mom, I worry about my daughter and the beauty industry that we are shaping for her future, if we don’t start speaking up then we are selling 100% lies and that’s bullshit. I wish I’d had someone to stand up for this when I was younger. It would have changed my life.”

Huda reveals more on her ‘F**K Toxic Beauty Standards’ campaign here.

At-home hair dye: The very best for a glossy, vibrant colour


Dye It Yourself.

Over the past year, we’ve become master banana bread bakers, skilled house decorators, obsessive plant parents, and… our very own at-home beauty therapists.

True, some of our endeavours have been more successful than others – there’s nothing like waxing your own crotch for the first time to make you appreciate the salon – but in general, we’ve become a lot more open to learning new tricks.

Case in point: home hair dye has surged, unsurprisingly, with more of us dipping our toe into DIY. Not all of us will have come out victorious (step one: know your limits. A drastic dye job is best left to the professionals). But for those looking at basic upkeep and minimal maintenance –like covering roots and refreshing your existing hair colour – the success stories have been far more encouraging.

Luckily, the science behind at-home formulas has come a long way in recent years, meaning it’s possible to achieve glossy, vibrant colour for a fraction of the cost of an in-salon appointment.

To help make DIY dyeing that little bit easier, we caught up with the king of colour, Josh Wood, colourist and founder of Josh Wood Colour and Atelier, to reveal the three most important home hair dye tips.

1. Get the best consultation you can

First up, before you even consider adding a box dye to your basket, get some expert help. If you don’t feel comfortable seeking advise in the salon, there are online options too. “Self-selecting in the home hair colour aisle can leave people confused. I was really keen to change that with the Josh Wood Colour expert online consultation,” reveals Josh whose haircare range includes professional at home hair dye. So do a bit of research online, or get in touch with your usual colourist to see if they can offer guidance.

2. Don’t overdo it

If you’re looking for a whole new look, leave it to the professionals. Josh warns: “Drastic colour changes like highlights and  balayge simply won’t work at home because they require skills and expertise.” If you’re thinking of revamping your dark hair into a platinum blonde, it might be best to hold fire (playing with bleach when you don’t know what you’re doing can mean irreversible damage on hair). Instead stick to enhancing and touching up the colour you currently have, or if you’re already blonde you can play around with bright colours much more easily as they’ll show up better.

3. Aftercare is crucial

While salon colour changes usually come hand-in-hand with aftercare treatments, when it’s just you and a box of colour, it’s super important to change your haircare regime accordingly. “Use a shampoo and conditioner that is suited to the colour and texture of your hair and to the tone that you want to protect from fading,” says Josh.

Have you tried out an at -home hair dye job? Share with us your experience?

Confidence-boosting beauty tips for women with cancer


Look good, feel better.

Finding out you have cancer is life-changing, and the added stress of the visible side effects can feel overwhelming. The fact that we are in a pandemic isn’t exactly helping matters either.

As well as the physical and emotional changes people experience when going through cancer, cancer treatment can cause challenges to your beauty routine – like changes to skin tone, redness, sparse eyebrows and eyelashes, thinning or loss of hair, brittle and damaged nails – thus impacting your body confidence.

That’s why charities like Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) are so vital. LGFB is a national charity that runs free  skincare and makeup workshops and masterclasses all over the UK to help women and teenagers combat the visible side effects of treatment. The group sessions are led by volunteer beauty professionals who teach people useful techniques, such as dealing with complexion changes and how to draw on missing eyebrows. As a lot of cancer patients can attest, it’s tackling these small daily beauty conundrums that can help you feel like yourself again.

Pre-Covid, this epic charity was working through 141 hospitals and cancer support centres and now, through the power of Zoom, they offer a range of sessions and free online workshops that are full of practical and effective tips and techniques to help you look after your skin, hair and nails to help you look and feel stronger and more confident.

With World Cancer Day taking place on February 4, the beauty volunteers have shared their best beauty tips with GLAMOUR UK and we highly recommend joining a session if you’re looking for a few tips to feel like yourself again.

Cleansing rituals

Cleansing your skin properly is vital at any time; it removes dirt, pollution and keeps things feeling fresh and it’s a beauty step that most people practise daily. During and after cancer treatment, it’s important to use hypo-allergenic cleansing products suitable for sensitive skin and not to rub or drag the skin. A good cleansing routine includes eye makeup removal, skin cleansing and toning with a gentle, non-stripping facial toner. Balm cleansing products are particularly good as they are really hydrating so be sure to check those out.

The moisturizing routine to know

Skin will often become drier during treatment, so it is essential to moisturize regularly. “Make sure you use gentle products and apply with light massaging movements – and don’t forget your neck!” say the pros. Be sure to let the Moisturiser settle into your skin properly before applying your foundation or face powder. “Try adding a serum into your routine, these are wonderfully hydrating and can help calm the skin,” say LGFB pros.

Embrace a green colour corrector

Chemotherapy can cause high colour, flushing and blotchiness and according to the experts, using a green color corrector can help to even out skin tone and disguise redness. “Apply a very small amount to affected areas before your foundation. Be careful as a little goes a long way – you don’t want to end up looking like Shrek,” they joke.

How to tackle eyebrows

Drawing on missing eyebrows can seem daunting at first, but with a little practice, you’ll be amazed at the results. There are lots of products on the market including pencils, gels and powders. “Pencils are best if you have completely lost your brows and chose a shade that is the same colour or slightly lighter than your natural hair colour,” they suggest.

The power of eyeliner

Eyeliner adds instant shape and definition to your eyes and it can also help to create the illusion of eyelashes if they are missing. Using a soft eyeliner pencil, start at the outer corner of your eyelid and slowly work your way in, going as close to the lash line as possible. Use a cotton bud to gently soften the line.

The power of Lipstick

If there is one cosmetic product that can cheer someone up instantly, it’s lipstick – and there’s hue to suit every skin tone and mood. Lips may become dry during treatment so look for lipsticks that having moisturising properties. Stick with more neutral shades and avoid berry and red colours, which can highlight redness.

Nail it

Nails can become drier, thinner and more brittle during treatment so it is important to look after them, it’s a good idea to use hand cream and cuticle oil regularly. Nail polish can help to keep nails strong and protected but be gentle when you take it off and use an acetone-free remover.

For more information on Look Good Feel Better – and to join a free session – be sure to check out their website, which has a plethora of information.

Sharon Chuter’s Pull Up For Change Returns With ‘Make It Black’ Campaign


With just one hashtag—#PullUporShut Up—Sharon Chuter disrupted the beauty industry. At the height of racial tension that erupted in the summer of 2020, the Uoma Beauty founder launched the hashtag to call out brands for a lack of diversity within the companies and on social media, and ask brands to publicly disclose their number of Black employees. The social call-to-action expanded to the birth of Pull Up For Change, Chuter’s organization that set out to hold these companies accountable. In honor of Black History Month, Chuter and Pull Up For Change are launching a new campaign that reminds consumers how beautiful, timeless, and iconic the color black truly is.

The Make It Black campaign is Chuter’s way of redefining how the color black is perceived in the world. Black is luxury. Black is beautiful. Black is chic. To get the message across, Pull Up For Changed has asked a slew of beauty brands to change their packaging to the color black for the month of February.

Participating brands include Briogeo, Colourpop, Dragun Beauty, Flower Beauty, Maybelline, Morphe, NYX Professional Makeup, PUR, and Chuter’s Uoma Beauty. The limited-edition packaging will be sold exclusively at Ulta Beauty, as well as the Make It Black site and the participating brands’ websites.

“Language plays a critical role in how we perceive the world,” says Chuter. “The function of language goes beyond expressing ideas and concepts, it shapes thought and defines our collective consciousness.” As part of the Make It Black campaign, Chuter has also launched a petition to ask the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam Webster Dictionary to change the definition of the word “black,” which has long been associated with dangerous definitions that present bias and hostility towards the Black community.

“Language should be neutral, unbiased, and reflective of our current realities. It is in this regard that the dictionary has work to do,” she adds.

For every product sold, 100 percent of the gross profits will be contributed to Pull Up For Change’s new Impact Fund, which raises funds to support Black-owned businesses and will be dispersed through live pitch contests. Black founders will submit their pitches to a forum where the public will then decide who the funding should be allocated to. Even if you don’t buy any of the iconic products, the public will be able to donate directly to the fund.

For more information on the Make It Black campaign or to donate, visit makeitblack.org.

‘Hair lamination’ is the next big treatment in haircare for next-level gloss (and it only takes 8 seconds to do)


We’ve all heard of brow lamination – it’s the latest brow trend to transform scruffy brows into fuller, fluffier, and thicker-looking brows without the need for any painful or permanent treatments (we even tried on our brows and can attest it’s the best thing since we discovered Olaplex and contouring).

But have you heard of hair lamination? No, nor had we until Dubai-based beauty experts, Sisters Beauty Lounge, hair lamination is the newest hair treatment craze that will be coming to salons in the UK and Europe (provided they are allowed to reopen soon, of course).

What is hair lamination?

Hair lamination is a revolutionary treatment that works on the exterior of your hair. Salon experts coat your hair with a thin layer of laminate, which is mostly made up of active ingredients including gelatin, keratin and oils, to leave you with hair which is softer to the touch and an intensified shine. The formula is applied at the back-wash and then activated by heat from a hair dryer or straightener after washing, forming a protective layer over each strand of hair, to close cuticle scales and restore the proteins which play a large part in the hair-repair process.

What hair types can benefit from the treatment?

The main aim of hair lamination is to protect the hair against loss of moisture caused by sunlight, toxins, and over-washing. These environmental factors can damage our hair, and it is important to cleanse and hydrate the hair to reduce these damages and ensure healthy, shiny locks. A remedy for dull, damaged, frizzy hair, hair lamination locks water into the hair, leaving it up to 8 times more hydrated and 5 times shinier. It’s also a great treatment for [link url=”[link url=”https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/how-to-get-rid-of-split-ends”]split ends[/link]”]split ends[/link] or very long hair that’s prone to dryness. As a result, you hair will be thicker-looking with fewer tangles a velvety softness. Heaven.

What are the results?

The smoothing treatment “leaves the hair intensely shiny, lightweight and fluid.” Speaking to GLAMOUR, Jamilla Paul, Artistic Director at Sisters Beauty Lounge, described hair lamination as ‘makeup for your hair’; the perfect time-saver treatment that dramatically improves the quality of the hair fibre, leaving it instantly sleek and silky. It’s the perfect cure for dull, dry hair, and it only takes only 8 seconds. Hair lamination might be the solution to achieving gleaming, shiny hair in a fraction of the time.

“The result is incredible instant gloss and shine – imagine those signature Kim Kardashian super glossy locks often seen on the red carpet. This is the result you’ll get after having a hair lamination treatment!” It seems that having perfect, healthy hair might now be a possibility, thanks to this revolutionary new treatment.


  • Instantly silky, healthier-looking hair
  • Provides protection from dryness
  • Smoothes split ends
  • Helps to preserve hair colour


  • Professional, in-salon treatment only (so not possible during lockdown)
  • Only lasts a few weeks

Kim Kardashian West’s Next Trick? Skincare, Of Course.


The mogul closed a $200 million deal with Coty that will expand her beauty line’s offerings.

Of all the celebrity skincare routines out there, very few are as interesting—and expensive—as Kimberly Kardashian West’s. After all, she is the one who helped popularize the “vampire facial” with a single selfie of her bloodied face in 2013. So it makes sense that the mogul is expanding her KKW Beauty brand to other offerings, including skincare.

In June 2020, Kardashian-West sold a 20 percent stake of her KKW Beauty for $200 million to Coty. Now that the deal is officially closed, Coty is rolling out its plans to make Kim K a whole lot richer. According to WWD, Coty plans to develop skincare, haircare, personal care, and nail products at some point in 2022.

“Kim shares our true passion for beauty products, and this acquisition allows us to leverage our respective strengths for mutual benefit and value creation,” Sue Nabi, Coty’s chief executive officer, said in a statement. A trusted source in beauty, Kim K launched KKW Beauty in 2017 with contour kits before expanding to fragrance shortly after. With this deal, Nabi hopes to bring “scientific knowledge around formulation to the table, while Kardashian West will bring a massive following,” WWD explained.

Kim K isn’t the only sister in the Coty family. Coty is also the company behind Kylie Jenner’s namesake beauty brands Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin. In 2019, Jenner cemented her status as a billionaire when she sold Kylie a 51 percent stake of Kylie Cosmetics—her beauty brand known for its lip kits—to Coty for $600 million.

The Biggest And Boldest Makeup Trends Of 2021, According To Sir John


Now is the time to try something new.

What are your makeup aspirations for 2021? What’s on the mood board? For celebrity makeup artist Sir John—you’ve seen his work on both Beyoncé and Barbie—he finds inspiration on Instagram. “I just save them all [his favorite IG posts] to the backend, and that’s kind of the mood board at the moment,” he explains. His hope for our mood boards? “Just seeing a full look, seeing a lip and an eye,” he says. To help us get started on all our best beauty looks of 2021, SJ broke down some of the biggest trends for the new year. For one, he wants you to try “tightlining” and put down the contour brush. Below, Sir John’s definitive guide for the biggest makeup trends of 2021. Happy creating!

Less is more.

If 2020 did teach us anything, it was that skincare should be priority one, and doing a mask at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday is totally acceptable, if not necessary. “I think in terms of makeup trends, what will be huge is more approach to skin,” SJ explains.“There’s going to be an ease and maneuverability around owning your skin and loving the skin that you have and not having to lacquer it from forehead to chin—not having the baking and the contouring and so many different dramatic ways to change oneself.”

It’s all about the eyes

Masks don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, making it the perfect time to invest in a gorgeous eye look. “I do believe that eyes will be big,” says SJ. “People are still going to love lashes, still going to love brows, and they’re always going to be a feature. They were a feature 2,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, and they’re going to be a feature in 2088.”

Long live the statement lip

Sir John predicts the move will be more lip stains in 2021. “If no other time, no other year, to find out if these claims of long-wear or our lip stains really work,” explains SJ. “The goal now is to find out how long this lip will anchor to my mouth without drying my lips out?” SJ recommends doing a bit of self-discovery to find the perfect long-wear lipstick for you. The one test your lippie must pass, he says, is the ability to hydrate.
“If you’re wearing a super matte and you don’t want your lip texture to change, use eye cream over lip balm,” he explains. “An eye cream is going to be a great way to hydrate your lips. The skin of your eyes and the skin of your lips is so thin; it’s almost transparent.”

You must try ‘tightlining’ in 2021

“Tightlining is when you lift up your lash line slightly and line that area with a waterproof black pencil, and so that right underneath your lashes,” explains SJ. “What that does is it makes all of your lashes extremely dense, so black and thick from the root, and it’s really almost like an optical illusion.” The best part of the beauty trick is that no one knows that they see a liner, but it gives you a dazzling eye-line.

Meet sculpting 2.0

Sir John says aggressive forms of contouring are out. What’s in? “I think sculpting is the 2.0 of where we need to go,” he adds. “Invisible sculpting, softer appearances when it comes to the structure of our face, but all of these hard lines, or I like to call them VCLs, visible counter lines, need to go or need to stay in 2020.” Harsh lines were so 2020.

Will ‘Veganuary’ make vegan beauty go mainstream?


In 2014, Ericka Rodriguez was on the search for vegan lipstick, but it wasn’t easy.

“I couldn’t find any that I was excited about,” she said. For all the lipsticks she found, “As soon as I put the lipstick on my lips, it broke because it was so dry.” So she decided to make her own in her kitchen and started selling it on Etsy. 

Now, her brand Axiology is stocked at Credo Beauty and recently launched at Ulta through its Credo partnership. Axiology is one of a growing number of vegan beauty brands entering the market, many of which are highlighting their products during “Veganuary.”

Vegan beauty made strides toward going mainstream in 2020 — Ulta introduced “vegan” as one of the qualifications for its new Conscious Beauty program, while many new brands launching in the past year have been clear in declaring themselves vegan. Traditional beauty brands are embracing vegan beauty, as well. Aveda announced this week that it is reformulating its products to be vegan. Kat Von D, meanwhile, rebranded to KVD Vegan Beauty last year to amplify its vegan positioning. 

The moves are timely since 30% of Gen-Z consumers say they do not eat any meat. So far, over 440,000 people have signed the Veganuary pledge, which was created by a charity in England, to forego animal products for January, up from 400,000 last year. The pandemic is also increasing people’s interest in avoiding animal products, as the CDC says that three out of four new diseases originate in animals. Covid-19 is theorized to be animal-derived, and Ebola, SARS, MERS, bird flu and AIDS are also attributed to animals.

For brands that have long eschewed animal products, identifying as vegan has come to the forefront of their messaging. This month, 25-year-old Pacifica is highlighting on social media its new Vegan Collagen collection that it launched at the end of last year. Founder Brook Harvey-Taylor said that she has seen dramatic changes in the industry since she first launched the brand.

“We used to sit at the trade show and have to explain to people what vegan beauty meant,” she said. Now, the brand prominently displays “vegan” in its tagline and is growing its range of products with the word front-and-center. In addition to its new Vegan Collagen line, it has a Vegan Balm collection and will be launching a vegan hair-care line at Ulta in the spring. 

Founders noted that ingredients are now easier to come by, as suppliers offer more alternatives to popular ingredients, such as honey, beeswax, carmine, squalene and lecithin.

Vegan brands have adopted multiple initiatives to highlight their vegan credentials. Axiology donates to animal rights organizations, while Pacifica does livestreams with a farm sanctuary. Harvey-Taylor was inspired by her own time growing up on a farm in Montana. “I always loved our animals, and one day when I got a little older, it clicked for me that we were eating our pets,” she said. “We raised baby pigs, and they’d have to sleep in my room because it was so cold.” 

Vegan beauty has also undergone a dramatic rebranding from earthy to chic, over time. Skin-care and personal care brand Alder New York, for example, was started by former fashion designers. For Veganuary, the brand is doing a giveaway in partnership with other vegan brands including Act + Acre. 

“It’s really exciting how customer awareness and customer interest has really pushed the industry to innovate. That also trickles down into aesthetics,” said Nina Zilka, co-founder of Alder New York. “There was a point where it was very fringe and not necessarily appealing to me, as a designer.”

In addition to stylish branding, customers in search of vegan brands are looking for the brands they buy from to promote sustainability and clean ingredients. “If a customer is vegan, they’re also sustainably minded,” said Rodriguez, who noted that environmental sustainability is a major reason for going vegan. 

Axiology’s top-selling product is its three-in-one Balmie crayon, which comes wrapped in paper rather than a plastic tube. “People are just really, really into the zero-waste movement,” she said. “The top questions we get in our customer service emails are, ‘Where does your packaging come from? Is it recyclable?’”

Living Free


2020 was a powerful reminder that we are all in this together, that our choices and actions have the power to protect us in a big way. October is known nationwide as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. The reality still remains that every passing day a woman out there has to deal with this and has the burden to suffer in silence.  Join me in this Q&A as I share the story of one of the strongest women I know Lorenza Annino in the cause to help women to celebrate women journeys of strength and resilience.

When was the day you found out that you were diagnosed with breast cancer?

February 2014, in the checks I usually did, I was told that there was something suspicious, a simple crack in the areola and nipple. I thought it was nothing that serious, it looked like a dermatitis. My Radiologist told me that he suspected it was Paget’s disease, a rare form of carcinoma, with appearance similar to a psoriatic plaque or unilateral eczema of the nipple and areola. It derives from an epidermal extension of an underlying ductal breast cancer.

I was then advised to go to a Dermatologist. After 1 month of treatment with antibiotics and local creams and no results, I was asked to do a Biopsy which revealed what was diagnosed by the Radiologist, no one could see anything in both mammography and breast ultrasound. For this, I will never stop thanking him for his scrupulous attention to detail.

What was your immediate reaction to the news?

I felt the world collapse on me. The surgeon reassured me saying that it was an early stage tumor. I told myself that I could not allow this evil to destroy me but instead restore the serenity of my family.

How did it affect your life at that time?

I could not stand to think that my children and my husband had to see me psychologically on the ground. This would make me feel even more sick.I faced with my head held high everything that presented itself without being depressed.

Walk us through your process.

The process began with the first operation, quadrantectomy and followed by Radiotherapy.

In the following years I did the checks that were required of me but three years later in May 2017, the Tumor reappered in a more aggressive form. I was immediately told that it was necessary to proceed with a mastectomysurgery, 12cycles of Chemotherapy, hormonal therapy for the next 5 years. I do not know if I was so brave or so simply numb as I went to do chemo always with asmile on my lips. I kept thinking that despite everything I had to feel lucky. Others like me could not cure themselves so it pushed me even harder to win this battle. I had my moments of discouragement and worry. If I didn’t, I would not be human. I always pulled myself up though.

How did it affect the life of those around you?

They were all very supportive. The biggest support in all of this was my husband. His presence, his closeness,  his being always there and not needing to say anything because he already understood what I needed. The love of my children and my siblings who never left me alone.

What advice would you give to a woman going through the same experience?

The advice I would give is to never give up, always look forward and be positive. Crying leads to nothing. An important thing is prevention, because if today I am here to tell you about my experience, it is thanks to prevention. Prevention does not make you sick, but allows you to discover the disease in time and be able to fight it.

How has your life changed since then?

Today three years later I think that my life is better.I feel enriched because what I have suffered and passed has made me more humble. I take nothing for granted, I think that every day we live is a gift that the good God gives us, and we must be grateful for it.

Your Life motto.

My motto in life is always to see the glass half full and never half empty.

Thank you for reading through . Please Share with us your stories in the comment section below, let us all celebrate each other . After this is what beauty is about.

Did Someone Just Mention Fenty Beauty’s New Release?


Since the company’s genesis in 2017 with “beauty for all” ethos, Fenty Beauty has followed through with their mission and consistently delivered great products and the coveted releases won’t be stopping anytime soon. 

From fundamental products like cream, blushes, and bronzers to more fun releases like, the famous body lava and shiny glosses. Fenty Beauty keeps pushing the boundaries of cosmetics. Fans asked and Fenty delivered. Our eyes are set on Fenty beauty ‘s new release.

The brand is launching its original Pro Filt’r foundation in powder form. From its mesmerizing packaging provided by Toly group and how rich this formula looks, it is reported that Rihanna has been perfecting the formula for the last three years. Described as “longwear” and “light-as-air,” the buildable, soft matte powder foundation will be available in 50 different shades. Talk about diversity, it’s meant to give blurred-looking skin with no flashback or creasing. 2021 is set to start off with a bang as we all cannot wait to set our hands on this beauty must have. Available December 26th.

6 Insane DIY Face Masks That Will Make Your Skin Glow This Season.


We all deserve a little self pampering every once in a while and in this season especially. Here are 6 DIY face masks to make me time even better. Have fun.

Avocado Face Mask

1 Ripe Avocado
1 Egg White – room temperature
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice


Avocado is one of the most prominent superfoods for the skin. Did you know that it can also be used for facials? Take advantage of the avocado’s vitamins and protein to moisturize your skin.


      1. Peel avocado and mash until there are no chunks.
      2. Mix avocado, egg white and lemon juice into a bowl.
      3. Apply to face and let sit for 30 minutes.
      4. Rinse well.

Honey Face Mask

This face mask is particularly good for scars and dark spots. It is also extremely easy to make.


2 Tsp Raw Honey

1/2 Tsp Lemon Juice


  1. Combine the lemon juice and honey.
  2. Apply the mixture to your face.
  3. Allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Rinse well.

Please note: Lemon juice is a relatively strong ingredient, it is best to limit the number of times you use this mask to 1-2 times per week.

Tomato & Cucumber Face Mask

Both tomato and cucumber are natural astringents which help tighten pores. Revitalize your skin with this simple 2-ingridient mask.


1/2 Ripe Tomato

1/4 Cucumber


  1. Wash and peel your cucumber.
  2. Blend it to a fine pulp with the tomato.
  3. Apply the mixture to your skin in a gentle circular motion.
  4. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  5. Rinse well.

Almond Oil and Aloe Vera Face Mask

This mask is great for treating dry, flaky skin as well as moisturizing and hydrating.


2tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
3tsp Almond Oil
1 Ripe banana


  1. In a mixing bowl, mash a banana with a fork.
  2. Add the aloe vera gel.
  3. Stir until ingredients are combined.
  4. Measure in the almond oil.
  5. Mix thoroughly.
  6. Apply to cleansed skin.
  7. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  8. Rinse well.

Coffee and Turmeric Face Mask

The main benefits of this mask are caffeine and antioxidants. Caffeine reduces inflammation, including puffy eyes, while the antioxidants help the skin for a better glow.


1 Tbsp Instant or Ground Coffee
1 Tbsp Powdered Turmeric
1 Tbsp of Greek Yogurt


  1. Mix all the ingredients together.
  2. Apply all over the face, including under the eyes.
  3. Let it sit for 20 minutes.
  4. Remove with a warm, damp towel.

Egg White Face Mask

A simple, effective mask to help shrink pores and prevent breakouts.


1 Organic Egg


  1. Cleanse face with warm water to allow pores to open.
  2. Break egg, separating white from yolk with the shell (passing yolk back and forth into shell halves).
  3. With clean hands, apply the egg white to your face, making sure not to get any in your eyes or mouth.
  4. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  5. Rinse with warm water.

Enjoy self-care this season and Happy holidays.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

Makeup Brushes

You are washing your face thoroughly, you religiously remove your makeup every evening, you moisturise your face accordingly, you eat a healthy diet. What are you doing wrong and why is your face acting up? Ever thought that it could possibly drawdown to your makeup brushes? I bet you missed this one out! Women apply makeup on a daily basis, and the majority of us use brushes either for hygiene purposes, contouring or simply to help achieve a flawless finish. Although many today still prefer to use their hands, we have to consider the bacteria which remains, especially given today’s current situation where hygiene is a top priority.

Cleansing of your makeup brushes is a crucial step which should be seen to at least once a week. Keep in mind what we don’t see does not necessarily mean that it is not visible,  brushes which are left out of negligence start to contain a build-up of bacteria, dirt and oils from our face which will be re-applied to our skin surface upon every use. This, in turn, starts to clog the pores further and cause those unwanted breakouts which we stress so hard to avoid.


  • 1 and a half tablespoon dishwasher soap
  • 1 tablespoon surgical spirit or distilled white vinegar
  • A textured brush mat or hair comb
  • A Jar (I used a recyclable pickle jar)

STEP 1: Fill one-third of the jar with hot water.

STEP 2: Start putting the brushes in the jar carefully without damaging the bristles.

STEP 3: Leave the brushes in the jar for 30 – 40 minutes, make sure the brushes are up straight and not squashed!

In the meantime I suggest you do some exercises – do not open the fridge! 😉

STEP 4: Massage or comb thoroughly as I show you two methods below with a hair comb or brush mat.

STEP 5: Rinse and squeeze the water thoroughly and place the brushes on a towel to dry in a ventilated area. The brushes need approximately 24hours to dry properly.

We encourage you to start following these steps, to frequently clean your makeup brushes in 5 easy steps.

Let us know if it has helped your skin at all. Alternatively, what are your DIY makeup cleansers that you do at home?

Sustainable Beauty – How to Use Less Plastic


Sustainability is an issue almost all industries are facing today- including the beauty industry.

Being sustainable means meeting the needs of today without damaging tomorrow. With the way the world is, people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, making sustainable beauty the solid way forward.

People want products to be sustainable- meaning the packaging is plastic free, and natural resources come from sustainable farms that do not use chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

However, for a lot of companies shifting towards plastic-free packaging has turned out to be more difficult and expensive than it seems. Luckily, there are affordable brands that are environmentally conscious while still being of high quality. There are also multiple ways we can act consciously without spending a fortune.

Support Environmental Conscious brands

Lush is probably one of the first brands that come to mind when we talk about sustainable beauty. With their “Lush Green Policy”, they contribute to saving the environment in various ways such as using recycled materials for their packaging and using green transport for distribution.

Courtesy of the brand

Opt for glass packaging

Tata Harper is another environmentally conscious brand as their packaging is made of glass as opposed to plastic. Their products are also free from toxins and synthetic chemicals which are bad for the environment (not to mention for our skin).  Being a sustainable brand entails endless research and development in all stages of production to ensure the end product isn’t one that will not have any nasty consequences on the planet.

Courtesy of the brand


The Art of Reusing, as most of us know, is key when it comes to living a sustainable life. More and more brands are offering the service to refill your empty makeup containers. Be sure to check if this service is available before throwing away your empty bottles and tubes! If you can’t find a store that does refills, don’t worry as YouTube has your back! There are countless video tutorials online which show you innovative ways to upcycle your stuff. Other videos include getting the most out of the bottom of your lipstick- which most would be surprised by how much there is to save.

As consumers, we have the responsibility of living as sustainably as we can.  Luckily companies are making it easier for us to do so! Numerous people have also taken to the internet to display innovative ways makeup containers and bottles can be reused as something else.  Nothing beats using beauty products with a clear conscience!

Do you agree that the future of cosmetics is Sustainable Beauty? Let us know what you think!

Best Biodegradable Wipes You Should Buy Right Now


A cleanser, a flannel or muslin cloth, and fresh water are the winning combination when it comes to washing your face thoroughly, but there are situations when that isn’t possible — like when you don’t have easy access to clean running water when you’re camping, at a festival, travelling, or in hospital. On those occasions, you may need to use a cleansing wipe or baby wipe to clean yourself. The good news is, you can minimise the harmful environmental effects of these wipes by opting for those that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Biodegradable wipes will help reduce the incredible amount of wipes that are clogging sewers, piling up in landfills, and washing up on beaches around the world, putting marine life at risk. Pick your favourite, then check out more ways to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly. And remember: never flush wipes, even when they’re biodegradable — bin or compost them.

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Sustainable Beauty Wipes

Image Source: Holland and Barrett

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Sustainable Beauty Wipes (£6 for 30 wipes) go one step further than being biodegradable by being compostable. They remove makeup, gently cleanse, and hydrate skin with Abyssinian oil, which is rich in intensely hydrating omega-9 fatty acids.
Suitable for all skin types, they’re made from organic cotton and 100% natural ingredients.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Facial Wipes

Image Source: Feel Unique

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Facial Wipes (£6 for 25 sheets) are cleansing and moisturising with soothing aloe vera and lavender. They’re certified organic by the Soil Association. They’re gentle enough for daily use to remove makeup and impurities.

Yes to Cotton 100% Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes

Image Source: Feel Unique

Yes to Cotton 100% Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes (£4 for 25 wipes) cleanse, soothe, hydrate, and protect ultra-sensitive, allergy-prone skin thanks to the cottonseed oil that that helps prevent irritation.

Formulated with 98% natural ingredients (and no parabens, SLS, or silicones), they’re partly made from cotton t-shirt manufacturing scraps, which helps save energy, water, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Klorane Makeup Remover Wipes With Cornflower

Klorane Makeup Remover Wipes (£7.50) are 100% biodegradable and come with added cornflower to soothe the skin (and give the wipes a gentle floral scent).

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

Image Source: The Body Shop

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes (£7 for 25 wipes) provides an all-in-one cleanse, tone and moisturise with protective vitamin E, moisturising wheat germ oil, and Community Trade olive oil from Italy. They’re suitable for all skin types and gentle on skin.

Lancer Makeup Removing Wipes

Image Source: Harrods

Lancer Makeup Removing Wipes (£32 for 30 Wipes) are made from biodegradable, non-irritating bamboo fibres infused with aloe, cucumber, marshmallow extract, and vitamin E. They’re oil-free and pH balanced.

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Facial Wipes

Image Source: Boots

These wipes are made from wood-based cellulose fibres with no plastic and should break down in 6 months. Botanics All Bright Cleansing Facial Wipes (£3.50) are also free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, alcohol, and SLS.

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes with Cotton Extract

Image Source: Feel Unique

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes with Cotton Extract (£6 for 30 wipes) remove makeup, dirt, and oil while toning your skin. They soften and soothe with cotton extract, rice extract and aloe.

They’re 99.1% natural, FSC certified, allergy/dermatologist/ophthalmologist tested, fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive skin, and gentle enough for daily use.

Bioderma Sensibio Wipes

Image Source: Feel Unique

Bioderma Sensibio Wipes (£7 for 25 wipes) gently remove makeup and impurities with micellar solution to cleanse and allantoïn to soothe. They’re suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive, and can be used twice daily. They’re free from alcohol, parabens, and phenoxyethanol.

Eyeko Mascara Off Wipes

Image Source: Space NK

Eyeko Mascara Off Wipes (£6 for 10 Wipes) are made with 100% cotton and contain humectants to moisturise. Aloe vera and olive oil help soothe and smoothe the eye area, while allantoin helps decrease under-eye puffiness, and grapefruit refreshes. You can use the wipe as a cold press to the eye to help loosen eye makeup. They’re free from parabens, sulphates, and phthalates.

RMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes

Image Source: Space NK

RMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes (£15 for 20 wipes) are infused with coconut oil to cleanse, tone, rehydrate, nourish, and soften skin, while gently removing makeup, dirt, and impurities. They’re suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. They can be used to soothe shaved or sunburnt areas and can help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Simple Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes

Image Source: Tesco

Simple Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes (£2, originally £4 for 25 Sheets) are made from soft, renewable plant fibres, sustainable wood pulp, purified water, and vitamins B5 and E. They cleanse, remove makeup, and unclog pores while hydrating skin. They’re unscented, contain no artificial perfumes, are dermatologically tested and approved, and suitable for sensitive skin.

How Lipstick was born?

Lipstick History
Lipstick History

Since the dawn of prehistoric times, humans always had the need to distinguish themselves among others. Clothes, shoes, tools, jewellery and cosmetics were the first ways we managed to do that, but lipsticks and facial paints were one of the most noticeable ways to change our appearance.

Modern fashion could not be what it is today without the presence of lipsticks. In our latest report, you can find how lipstick was born, how it travelled through the ages and the impact on today’s’ society.

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Toly Thinks Pink #makeapositiveimpact Blushes


Make a Pink Pledge to fight Breast Cancer.

Toly Thinks Pink Blushes

We are happy to support this amazing initiative by Toly Products in their Toly Thinks Pink campaign. An incentive to raise awareness and collect funds through their Toly blusher compacts. Available in four various shades, Nocciola, Nude, Rouge and Rose. Glow up and #makeapositiveimpact by purchasing these velvety and soft to the touch blushes, which are also Paraben-Free.

Toly are passionate about developing new ways to unite and inspire women to get involved, buy finding new means to help #facethefight and support the vulnerable groups. Many women are suffering from breast cancer and are currently facing double the risks and vulnerability amidst this pandemic.

The breast cancer awareness campaign is aimed at commemorating the women who have lost their lives, the many who today are facing the fight, and those who have managed to overcome it and live with the scars. With COVID-19 taking the limelight, this should not prevent or delay anyone from taking care of their own health or those of others.

The ultimate purpose of Toly Thinks Pink campaign is to make sure that every woman affected by breast cancer receives the best possible treatment and support and to know that they do not stand alone. Through this initiative, a generous contribution will be donated in aid of Hospice Charities, Hospice Malta and directly to the Women for Women Foundation.

Grow the support and surprise your favourite women in your life by sending them a small gift of appreciation. We have made our velvety and soft to the touch blushes available online at www.beautysource.info to support the movement at the price of only €6.50 each.


Toly Thinks Pink

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