Jeffree Star’s Makeup Warehouse Robbery

Is More Serious Than You Think


f you thought your Mercury retrograde was dramatic, then you’ve never had $2.5 million worth of makeup stolen from your warehouse. According to a new YouTube video posted by Jeffree Star, is exactly what happened to the makeup artist last month.

Images of Star’s new concealer leaked online this past weekend — but it wasn’t until today that fans learned how the never-before-seen product made its way to the internet.
As Star explains in the video, titled “My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked),” a massive robbery allegedly took place at one of his facility warehouses on March 15.
“This is the biggest theft I’ve ever experienced in my entire career,” he says. The news comes just a year after $4.5 million worth of makeup was stolen from L.A. warehouse that was known for storing Anastasia Beverly Hills-branded makeup.

But this goes deeper than thousands of units of the unreleased product being stolen — it affects fans, too. Star explains that if you saw leaks off his upcoming concealer online this past weekend, it’s most likely stock taken from the robbery, being sold on the black market. “If I’ve never shown or talked about something, you know it’s wrong,” he says to the camera, seemingly suggesting that these aren’t just potentially stolen goods, but also unregulated formulas not made by his team.

This isn’t the first time Star has noticed his cosmetics being sold online without his permission: In 2016, unauthorized vendors were caught selling counterfeit versions off his velour liquid lipstick.
But even with his fans’ help, Star still knows that this is a case for the FBI.

Source: Refinery29


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