Real Skin – Makeup Artists are saying STOP to Photoshoped skin

Urban Decay is embracing ‘real skin’ and their 9.8 million followers loves it.


hanks to apps like FaceTune, BeautyPlus, and Photoshop (to name but a few), erasing pores, fine lines and breakouts from pictures before sharing them online has become second nature for a lot of makeup artists and beauty brands. Recently Urban Decay made their mission to showcase the work of makeup artists who haven’t edited their pictures to blurred-out perfection, showing off their blemishes, pores, moles and peach fuzz instead. Those things are not imperfections, it’s just what skin actually looks like.


Makeup artist and beauty-brand founder Linda Hallberg, who’s made a face full of freckles her calling card, has also popped up on Urban Decay’s Instagram page, and the comments are just as encouraging.

Urban, I feel like you’ve really been listening to your commenters and started showing us REAL artists again, not over filtered, Photoshopped nonsense. Super inspiring to showcase real talent! Love the diversity and humanity,” one wrote. Another simply said, “I just love the bare skin.”

Brands are moving away from unattaible beauty standarts and making a case for real skin. L’Oreal Paris has also recently been applauded for featuring an unedited model in one of their Instagram ad campaigns. Here’s to seeing this trend turn into a movement… because we are so tired of Instagram eyebrows.


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