Beauty Source Subscription Package

Breakdown of Services

Beauty Trends

The Beauty Trend Report brings you the data, forthcoming trends and market share on each beauty category that will help you make the right decisions to stay ahead of your competition.

Our content will not only inform, inspire and visualize but also awaken your mind to think differently about the rapid changes in the beauty industry.

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Consumer Insights & Monthly Beauty Launches

Every month we launch beauty questionnaires with a variety of beauty product giveaways which consumers can compete to win by answering personal questions about their beauty routines, lifestyle, habits, interests, etc. The feedback we receive is analyzed by our beauty data experts, but only shared with Beauty Source’s brand customers after being anonymized. Our reports on Monthly Beauty Launches keeps you up to date on what is  ‘Really happening’ in the beauty business.  Divided in four main categories: Makeup, Skincare, Haircare and Perfumery.

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Sell your products

We will write articles with Call to Action ”buy here”  that directs purchases to your website.

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Reviews and tutorials

Every month we will upload a video tutorial by a professional makeup artist with the brand’s product choice. A product review by a makeup enthusiast will also be on our website and social media platforms.

Working with Beauty Source will help ensure that our beauty experts have enough knowledge and expertise to advise and promote your products to consumers.

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Advertising campaign

Banner space on the home page and an article written and placed on Beauty source website with a link redirected to Brand’s website.

The client is to provide the content.

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Email Database

We will send out an email every month with your product of choice to our client data base with a link redirecting to your website.

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