The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Sponges

Makeup Sponges


How many of you can vow that you religiously clean your beauty blenders on a weekly basis? What if we had to tell you that sponges are the worst offenders and hold 70%-90% of bacteria. We might be having more time on our hands these days which allows us to be more organised and in control. However, when it comes to cleaning our makeup sponges this should be an important step to incorporate more frequently regardless of our busy schedules. We tend to care immensely what beauty products we put our skin in contact with, this being said, we would not voluntarily put dirt on our face yet we would go days to weeks without cleaning our makeup sponges. See where I am going with this? This step Is mandatory, to say the least. Worried it’s too much effort? We understand many of you are limited with time.

Beauty Source delivers fast and ergonomic steps in how you can clean your sponges with products you already have on hand and allowing your skin to remain with full radiance at all times with six simple steps.

Step 1

Put all the sponges into a bowl and add hot (not boiling) water

Step 2

Add one tablespoon of dishwasher soap and one tablespoon of surgical spirit or distilled white vinegar. I just measured everything by eye but trust me your dishwasher soap is going to be your new best friend.. it really removes everything!

Step 3

Soak Well. The sponges into the mixture and leave them three to four hours soaking in the bowl. I usually leave them overnight because it is more effective, but this is optional and depends how dirty they are.

Step 4

After three to four hours start by squeezing each sponge and notice the dirt being removed like magic.

Step 5

Rinse all the sponges one by one under running water and repeat until the foam disappears.

Step 6

Remove excess water with a towel and leave them to dry in a ventilated area (pick a place your kids or pets can’t reach)

Follow these steps for maximum benefits and your skin will thank you.  No more excuses!


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