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Spectrum’s new makeup brush kit is all we want for Valentine’s Day

Most girls might want a boyfriend or a night out with the girls this Valentine's Day. Us? Nope! This February 14 we want nothing...
Image Source: Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Launches Blood of My Enemies Highlighters and They are Insane!

Just when you thought Halloween makeup couldn't get any better, Makeup Revolution went and released a glittery, blood-red highlighter called "blood of your enemies" in a...

What do you think of Sustainable Beauty Products?

What about Sustainable Beauty? Sustainability in the beauty industry has become a hot topic due to a rise in environmental awareness, new global standards, its profitability...

Beauty consumers are not happy about Beauty Blender’s new foundation

"Whoever made this has obviously never seen people of colour because this is a joke" It's been over a decade since the original Beautyblender first launched,...
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Autumn/Winter 2018: 10 Beauty Trends

The hottest beauty trends according to  This year, gender equality has been at the forefront of conversation. The message of female strength was manifested through...

MAC Cosmetics Teases Hyper Real Glow Highlighter Palettes

Just when we thought we were set with strobe products (considering that there now exists everything from unicorn highlighters to rainbow compacts), along came...

Top 5 Face Masks for acne skin!

We've discovered the best face masks for acne - prone skin! Who doesn't hate breakouts, its so frustrating specially if you have to spent a...

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