Sustainable Beauty – How to Use Less Plastic

By Petra Caruana


Sustainability is an issue almost all industries are facing today- including the beauty industry.

Being sustainable means meeting the needs of today without damaging tomorrow. With the way the world is, people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, making sustainable beauty the solid way forward.

People want products to be sustainable- meaning the packaging is plastic free, and natural resources come from sustainable farms that do not use chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

However, for a lot of companies shifting towards plastic-free packaging has turned out to be more difficult and expensive than it seems. Luckily, there are affordable brands that are environmentally conscious while still being of high quality. There are also multiple ways we can act consciously without spending a fortune.

Support Environmental Conscious brands

Lush is probably one of the first brands that come to mind when we talk about sustainable beauty. With their “Lush Green Policy”, they contribute to saving the environment in various ways such as using recycled materials for their packaging and using green transport for distribution.

Courtesy of the brand

Opt for glass packaging

Tata Harper is another environmentally conscious brand as their packaging is made of glass as opposed to plastic. Their products are also free from toxins and synthetic chemicals which are bad for the environment (not to mention for our skin).  Being a sustainable brand entails endless research and development in all stages of production to ensure the end product isn’t one that will not have any nasty consequences on the planet.

Courtesy of the brand


The Art of Reusing, as most of us know, is key when it comes to living a sustainable life. More and more brands are offering the service to refill your empty makeup containers. Be sure to check if this service is available before throwing away your empty bottles and tubes! If you can’t find a store that does refills, don’t worry as YouTube has your back! There are countless video tutorials online which show you innovative ways to upcycle your stuff. Other videos include getting the most out of the bottom of your lipstick- which most would be surprised by how much there is to save.

As consumers, we have the responsibility of living as sustainably as we can.  Luckily companies are making it easier for us to do so! Numerous people have also taken to the internet to display innovative ways makeup containers and bottles can be reused as something else.  Nothing beats using beauty products with a clear conscience!

Do you agree that the future of cosmetics is Sustainable Beauty? Let us know what you think!