Internet In ‘Chaos’ For These Color-Changing Holographic Pigments!

Chaos Makeup and Dawn Eyes Cosmetics/Instagram
Chaos Makeup and Dawn Eyes Cosmetics/Instagram

These mesmerizing holographic pigments are giving us life!

Viral indie cosmetics companies Chaos Makeup and Dawn Eyes Cosmetics are known for creating mind-blowing holographic makeup. Chaos Makeup took over Instagram with its secretly rainbow highlighter in 2017. Now, it’s gaining another round of craziness with its whole-hand swatch, which teases a brand-new product that transforms from a golden green to a purple to blue depending on how the light hits it. (I dare you to play it just once— You’ll find yourself letting it loop over again because watching the colors change is that mesmerizing.) Chaos Makeup tells Allure that the color-morphing pigment is one of a full collection coming soon.

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